Hi Y’all! Welcome to my blog! So I started this blog because I wanted it to be about poetry. But as time went by I started to write more about life itself. And I enjoyed it. So now it’s going to be a mixture of both!

My name is Diana. I want to tell you guys a little bit about myself just so y’all understand what content I’m trying to showcase. Everything that I write about comes from personal experiences, everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve felt and seen is all first hand. The reason for my blog is to be able to express myself through words and hope its relatable. We’re all human and we go through different things in life whether its emotionally, mentally or physically. I believe it’s all a lesson, not to bring you down but to make you that much stronger. Feel free to express your own opinion on my posts! I love a good feedback!

I am a 25 year old mother of three. I have a baby boy, a dog (half chihuahua and dachshund) and a parrot (African Grey) I am married, educated and hispanic. I also live with anxiety. I enjoy music, the outdoors and spending time with family!

                                                   Baby Lyden
                                            Toby & Odysseus

I hope you guys enjoy! Spreading love, kindness and joy ❤


And thanks for reading!


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