My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

Holidays. You gotta love them.

I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing we have them or bad.

To be quite frank, I feel like it makes family gatherings mandatory, because if for some reason you cannot make it, you are the bad guy. Why can’t we just have family gatherings throughout the year without that expectation? Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing family on these occasions. It’s just some holidays are better than others.

There’s also that headache where you have to decide how to balance out both families with your significant other or even travel from a distance.

Anyway, I wanted to talk specifically about Valentines Day. It’s coming up, might as well right?

I’ve never enjoyed Valentines Day. I know what a sour puss. But no really, I feel like it’s a dumb holiday. Excuse me if you love that time of the year, but I want to be REAL with y’all. Because that’s what I’m here for. I’m not here to ramble about tips or ideas, just my thoughts and experiences. I’m here to be honest with you guys.

I don’t think there should be a day where you dedicate love to someone BECAUSE IT’S WRITTEN IN THE CALENDAR. I don’t think people should spend that day feeling like crap BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH. Love should be given to everyone, everyday of the year. It should be spread, it should feel genuine. Not an obligation. Especially when you have a significant other, if you don’t do something SPECIAL then it makes you feel like crap and the other person feel like you NEED to do something or you’re asking for a fight. I just feel like nobody wins. I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy either. I just want to put my opinion out there. Again, it’s my opinion. You choose how to take it.

I’ve had valentines days while having a significant other and when I didn’t. It just felt like an excuse to buy something for the other person. Like here, I love you, I’ve done my deed. I personally had horrible valentines and amazing ones.

Back in high school when I was dating, I was always looking forward to this holiday. Especially when I first started dating, I would think “yes, I’m going to get gifts this year!” But let me tell you, I’ve only had four boyfriends including my husband; and the first one well he never gave me anything. I had such high expectations and well, I ended up disappointed. The second, he did make me a card and a stuffed animal, you know the given. The third, well. He plain out told me, “don’t expect anything because I hate this holiday” well. merp. There goes that one. And at this time, I still had high hopes for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to have what most people want, just to be adored and catered to on that day, surprise me you fool. But it never happened. So I slowly stopped caring about it. That’s what happens though, when you have high expectations for something you end up becoming so disappointed, if they don’t follow through. So you know, I finally gave up! Then comes in, the love of my life.

He goes above and beyond, takes the day off. Plans this whole night [I had work that day] and I come home to candles everywhere, flower petals all around our apartment [we were living together already, this was actually our first valentines day] and he had made origami flowers [he calls me flower as a nickname] you know he made the night super special. I clearly remember this day like it was yesterday. I’ve never had someone go above and beyond for me that way and I was blown away. You know, I just didn’t expect it. I mean, he’s the first man that ever gave me flowers. Now a days, chivalry is DEAD. You don’t see it often. Our generations have just changed so much! It’s unfortunate.

Anyway, even with this happening. I feel that each person should show love in some form or another to the people they love no matter what day it is. Even if it’s just to say, thank you, an I love you, or I’m thinking of you. Anything really, people just want to feel thought of, appreciated and loved. What is one minute going to do if you write down a few words to someone you love? I’ll tell you, happiness. You never know what that person may be feeling or going through at whatever point in time. By sending these thoughts or doing gestures, it changes everything.

Hope everyone enjoys it! Remember, you’re never alone! There’s always people out there that love you and care for you ❤️

Spread love you guys!


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