Appreciation At It’s Not So Finest

Your first car, you must remember that.

It’s the object that you take care of the most. Am I right?

Either it’s been given to you, or you worked mighty hard for it.

Either way, you cherished it.

I did.

You see, my first car was a 1995 Acura Integra.

Man, this car put me through so much! But I give it PROPS.

This car could’ve gone through tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, you name it, but it would’ve lived to see another day.

It was a four door, five seater and the color was a dark green. I got this baby when I started college and it was a gift from my father. It was previously owned, so it wasn’t brand new.

It had some minor problems which I will explain throughout my story.

I don’t even know where to begin. All I can say is my very thankful for it. As I sit here and write this I can’t help but laugh, because man. This car.

If you know me, you know what I’m talking about…

Okay, so. It was a cassette player type of stereo and at the time I had an iPod and I mean it’s your first car, you want to look cool and blast music. You want everyone to know what you’re listening to. So I had to buy one of those tapes that had an auxiliary cord on it. BUT it didn’t have the best sound. It wasn’t horrible either like when all you hear is bass and static. Anyway, my father eventually upgraded it with CD player with an auxiliary input in it. And added some better speakers. THAT WAS GREAT.

My back seats didn’t have seatbelts… well one of them did. A lot of the time people didn’t feel safe in my car, not sure if it was only for that reason though…

My AC didn’t work. Heater worked just fine. But I was in College at this time, I lived in Merced. Merced is in Central Valley of California. It’s HOT. Dry like Sahara. Not having AC was hell. I didn’t like going anywhere because it was just unbearable. You could go outside and instant sweat. On that note, my passengers window also didn’t lower down… fun times. The funny thing is, with these old cars, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. I would get it fixed and then by the next day my drivers window wouldn’t work, seriously. They would take turns. That car just had it out for me.

My radiator. Man, my radiator.

My car would constantly overheat. So traveling with this car anywhere wouldn’t be smart. Especially going up hill. I lived two hours away from home, so for the first year I had to be careful with it. I remember the first time I went back home and took that drive, I stopped every thirty minutes and drive 55 mph. I’m surprised I didn’t get pulled over. I had to make sure the temperature levels were doing okay. There was about ten times in the five years that I had it where it would overheat and I had to get the radiator fixed. A total of five times where it was towed. BUT that never stopped me.

My father would get so upset with me because I still went the extra mile with it. I BELIEVED in my little green car. I put all my trust in that car. It would even make squeaky noises while turning. It sounded like it was going to fall apart any second. I would take it to San Francisco, the city of hills. And let me tell you, not once did it fall apart on me then. It had a mind of its own. It decided when it wanted to give me a hard time.

I actually crashed that car too. It was just the hood that was damaged, I mean it was my fault, but because of it my father put a white hood on it and it was ten times cooler. On top of that some idiot broke my side mirror, I say idiot because it was a hit and run…

For the longest time I had a plastic mirror. I didn’t have time or money to get a real one. I mean it worked perfectly fine.

So what finally happened to it, you ask?

Well.  One day, my maintenance light turned on. I didn’t pay attention to it until maybe a month or so after. During this time, I lived with my husband already. So I couldn’t really go running back to daddy to fix it. Big girl that I was, I took it to the mechanic. To my surprise, there was a billion and one things wrong with it. It was going to cost me over a gran to get it fixed…

My husband and I had been saving up to purchase a new car, which we have by the way. It’s a Subaru Crosstrek 2017 and it’s AMAAAZING. I could tell y’all my experience with it later on.


We weren’t about to spend our savings onto my old car. I loved that thing, but it was not worth it. So I handed it over to my father which took it to one of those places where you receive money for it. Well, it actually wasn’t worth much. Which wasn’t a surprise, considering.

It was goodbye Acura, Hello Subaru.

But you guys, I loved that car, no matter what situation it put me in. It was my first car and I had great memories with it, even if they were sometimes bad. It was a great car. It was fun to drive and it was small, it went with my style. It had four wheels, it took me where I needed to go. What more could ask for. It was the best car ever. The moral of this story? Great things aren’t always flashy and new. Appreciate what you have and make the best of it! I learned a lot about cars and how to get through problems, so thank you Integra.

Oh, and by the way, towards its final days, my rear view mirror decided to fall off…


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