Self less


to be sleep deprived

to be thought of last

Life constantly testing you

doubting yourself as a parent

Feeding, changing, playing

on repetition.

What day is it?

Who am I?

Where is my break?

Oh, you’re finally asleep!


I can finally sit. Wait

Up I go again.

Momma, Momma.

Those words, that smile.

The laugh, those tears.


It’s ALL worth it.

YOU are all worth it.

I’ve never known an act so self less

than parenthood

the amount of time devoted

just to see you go

We give and we give

just to see you live

it’s exhausting, it’s overwhelming

but no meltdown lives up to having you as my child.

You are my creation

A part of me, 

that will be my legacy

I love you more than anything in this world

You are and will always be my baby.


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