Rose-Colored Glasses

I remember the day we met

It was a cold, rainy night

I thought to myself how different you were from the rest

As time went by

How wrong was I

I remember how you would tell me 


You wanted me forever.

What did forever mean anyway?

How should I know,

I was only eightteen.

Every word you said

I believed 

Behind rose colored glasses,

I saw only you.

You held the remote

The remote to my life.

I was desperate

I needed love

Your love

I gave you every bit of me

I tore myself apart 

Just for you.

High off the pain

Kept coming back for more

You knew you had me

Nothing you would do 

Would ever keep me away

Lie after lie

Why did no one stop me?

Why did no one care?


They did.

I just stopped calling.

When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses. All the RED flags just look like flags.

Wanda Pierce

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