Ties between families

How do you decide what’s best

when either side suffers one way or another

does that make you selfish or wise?

But Is it selfish when another being is involved?

this small being which is effected by your mental, physiological and emotional state

an innocent pure soul whom knows no wonders of the world

who you want to love and protect 

then there is you

who means more than anything in this world

who I only want to see smile

who is my weakness and strength

my other half, the core

All I want is us to be happy,

to live freely without negativity 

to support and love one another

But I know we cannot do that with this strong entity

constantly trying to pull us apart

it keeps us in the dark

Feeding it

Honoring it

Empowering us

Just say NO,

Make it stop.

Be here with me and take care of us both.

We need you more than you will ever know.

But I cant make that choice for you,

You’re the only one with that power.

The power to make that change happen.

If its not for me,

Do it for the little you, 

the one who will always look up to you

and call you their hero.


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