Molly was her name.


That’s what started it all.

It’s one of my greatest passions.

To hear the beat

To move with it

To feel every note run through your body

And to just get away from it all.

That day I expected just that.

Never did I think I would end up unconscious.

That’s the day I lost trust.

The day I lost a part of me I can never get back

Friends are supposed to be good

Not that day

That day I met someone.

They called her molly.

Molly wasn’t pure, she was laced.

And not the pretty kind.

I don’t remember that day.

I know what I was told.

I know I woke up on a bed,

Not your typical bed.

A cold, hard bed

With monitors and cords

A bunch of strangers with white coats

Lost and confused

How long was I out?

What day is it?

Why am I here?

I woke up not the day after, but a few days later.

When I did

I know I wasn’t the same anymore.

I’ve gone through a traumatic experience which changed me entirely

For better?

Or for worse?

I contemplate that everyday and wonder if I’ll ever be okay.

All I know is I learned something that day,

Family is everything.

And without them I don’t think I would’ve survived that day.


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