Postpartum Anxiety

The moment you give birth

Is the moment your life becomes so much more valuable.

The sweat, blood and tears you shed through the process creates such a love so powerful

It’s the moment you realize you have the greatest weakness of all.

And all you want to do is protect and keep him out of harms way.

And in that instant you don’t realize that you’ve fallen into a black hole.

A black hole of fear and worry.

Is he okay? Is he in pain?

Feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Waking up startled just to make sure he’s still breathing.

Questioning all the sounds he makes

Asking the doctor about every little mark on his skin

Telling you everything is as it should be

but still there’s doubt.

Are you sure this is normal?

Constantly questioning yourself about being a mother.

Am I doing the right thing?

No matter how many times people tell you otherwise

There is worry and then there’s anxiety.

As if worrying about yourself was bad enough,

Now there’s a pure innocent soul that’s come into your world.

Ready to absorb all that comes their way

And the only thing that keeps you sane is the love you have for him.

It’s genuine.

It’s unexplainable.

It’s the only one.


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