Gained everything. Lost nothing.

You heard me cry,

You saw me suffer.


you were present but never emotionally helpful.

Behind every scar there began a wound.

Behind every smile, there stood a troubled young girl.

Behind every wall, you saw her.

The truth mixed in with the lies.

Never could be distinguished,

All she knew of was hope

& the belief of conquering what was rightfully hers.


Emotions ran wild and her heart was never fully whole.

But throughout every possibility she discovered

the real reason she’s afraid of letting go.

It was never selfishness or unsatisfaction

but the fear of never being wanted.

You let her fall, you lead her to believe,

but most of all you never had the pride to say 


But as this chapter ends,

a new story unfolds, starting off with an



young girl,

called Her.


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